LX-122: 1/16" Magnetic Tape With One Side Adhesive Coa

LX-122 .032” and .062” thick magnets are coated one side with a general purpose rubber base adhesive system. The adhesive bonds well to foams, felts, cloths, primed wood, paper, metal, plastics and most unplasticized substrates. The flexible magnets are permanent magnets, remaining magnetized indefinitely if not subjected to a demagnetizing force. Common uses are for advertising displays, P.O.P. displays, arts and crafts, warehouse labels and door gaskets.

Note: Be sure surface areas are free from contamination before applying LX-122 with firm pressure.

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Physical Properties

Adhesive: Rubber Base
Adhesive Thickness: 3.4 mils including carrier
Peel Adhesion: 8.5 lb/in
Shear Adhesion: 1000 Gms/Sq Inch at 72 Degrees F: 300+ Hours
Tensile Strength MD: 10 lb/in
Tensile Strength CD: 10 lb/in
Elongation MD: 100 %
Elongation CD: 90 %
Minimum Application Temperature: Above 50 ºF
End Use: 0 to 150 ºF


Available Thickness: .032 in & .062 in
Width: +/-.015 in
Hardness: Shore D60
Specific Gravity:3.5
Shrinkage: <1.5% at 158 ºF at 7 Days
Tensile Strength:700 psi

  • Model: LX-122-1/16"

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