LX-104:1-1/4", Double Coated White 1/32" PE Foam With Liner

Commonly used in the Awards Industry for domed, coved and recessed medallions.

These products are die cut cross-linked white 1/32" polyethylene foam that is double- coated with a high tack acrylic adhesive system and protected by a 5.0 mil kraft release liner. Die cut parts have a liner tab for easy removal of liner. They were designed for mounting and joining of nameplates, plastic trim, signs, and emblems. Ideal for domed, coved and recessed medallions. Also used for long term bonding for mirror mounting and permanent fixing for both plastic and metal materials.

Note: Be sure all surface areas are free from contamination before applying.

These are approximate values and do not constitute a warranty. It is the customer's responsibility to determine these products fitness for use in the intended end use application. Test data contained herein is believed to be reliable and is not stated as, or to be taken as, a specification of these products.


Stock Sizes: 1-1/4" x 1,000/Roll With Liner Tab
Foam Density: 6 Lbs./Cubic Inch
Foam Thickness: 1/32 in
Foam Softening Temperature: 100 ºC
Adhesive: 2.0 mil Acrylic Each Side
Peel Adhesion: 70 oz/in
Tensile Strength: 76.5 oz/in
Elongation: 265 %
Tear Strength: 685.5 oz/in
Service Temperature: -40 to 250 ºF

  • Model: LX-104- 1-1/4"

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