LX-100:Ultra High Bond Solid Acrylic Foam Tapes - Water

Instant pressure sensitive bonding. Will not harden or become brittle with age. Excellent weathering properties. Will isolate and dampen vibration and shock. Maintains adhesion from -30 degrees F to +200 degrees F. Flexible, moldable, compressible. Will not absorb moisture. Comparable to 3M VHB Tapes.

Water clear, solid acrylic tape designed to provide a superior bond between a wide variety of surfaces. This product was developed for applications where clarity is important. The tape exhibits excellent performance under a wide variety of environmental conditions including exposure to fuels and chemicals. Features are a long life performance and high bond strength, will not absorb moisture and the maintenance of adhesion at sub-zero temperatures.

All surface areas to be bonded to must be thoroughly cleaned. Allow tape a minimum of 24 hours to achieve room temperature if exposed to cold. As with all acrylic adhesives, once applied allow 48 hours to cure to maximum bond strength before subjecting to any stress.

Note: Be sure all surface areas are free from contamination before applying.

These are approximate values and do not constitute a warranty. It is the customer's responsibility to determine these products fitness for use in the intended end use application. Test data contained herein is believed to be reliable and is not stated as, or to be taken as, a specification of these products.


Tape Thickness: .010 in
Peel Adhesion ASTM D333: 10 P.L.I.
90 Degree Peel ASTM D1062: 20 psi
Shear Strength ASTM D3163: 60 psi
Tensile Strength ASTM D412 Die C: 150 psi
Elongation ASTM D412 Die C: 1000 %
Installation Temperature Range: 50 to 100 ºF
Service Temperature Range: -30 to 200 ºF

  • Model: LX-100

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