LX-107:Polyethylene Foam Carrier

Available in variety of thicknesses and foam densities. These tapes were designed for mounting and joining applications such as nameplates, plastic trim, signs and emblems. Also used for long term bonding in mirror mounting and permanent fixing for both plastic and metal materials. The acrylic adhesive versions are suitable for exterior applications.

Acrylic Adhesive, 1/16" PE Foam Carrier: LX-107 (White), LX-115 (Black)

4# density foam.

Peel adhesion: > 100 oz./inch.


Color: White
Foam Density: 4 lbs/cubic foot
Foam Softening Temperature: 100 ºC
Adhesive: Acrylic
Product Thickness: 1/16 in
Peel Adhesion PSTC-3: >100 oz/in
Shear Strength PSTC-9: >24 Hours At 77 Degrees F With 2.2 Lb Load
Service Temperature: 14 - 176 ºF

  • Model: LX-107

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