LX-133: 9.0 Mil "Gold Tape" Highest Bond Premium Trophy Tape

Equiv. to Tesa 4970. Double Coated White PVC (Vinyl). For permanent bonding to metal, high surface energy plastics, wood, glass, ceramic, paper and rubber. Commonly used for trophy nameplates and plaques. Suitable for internal or external applications: has superior weather and UV resistance. Peel adhesion: 130 oz./inch

LX-133 is a 9.0 mil double-coated PVC film, which features a very high tack, high peel acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system. The vinyl carrier allows conform ability and the high adhesive mass allows flow into uneven surfaces. Typical end uses are for permanent bonding to metal, plastic, wood, glass, ceramic, paper and rubber. The product is suitable for both internal and external applications and has superior weather and UV resistance.

Note: Be sure surface areas are free from contamination before applying LX-133.

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Adhesive: Acrylic
Carrier: PVC
Peel Strength PSTC-3 Stainless Steel: 130 oz/in
Temperature Range: -40 to 170 ºF
Total Product Thickness: 9.0 mil

  • Model: LX-133

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